It really is very easy to set up a site like this, honestly .... if I can do it, anyone can.
Theres only 3 main steps to it, and obviously a bit of work designing the site itself and adding content !!
Step1 - Buy your domain name via the 123reg banner below.

Step 2 - Visit the BAN's site via the banner below, buy the software and follow the easy step by step instructions. They even give you a fully comprehensive manual that leads you through all the subsequent things you need to do to get up and running. It really is as easy as just following the instructions !!
Build A Niche Store
Step 3 - Last but not least get a hosting account at Hostgator, youve guessed it, via the banner below, and your all set !!
Of course there is plenty of other places you can go to get domain names, website building software and hosting accounts.
I've only listed this above as theyre the ones I've used and I will also get a little bit of commission if you buy through my links, not a lot but every litle helps !!
Of course if you do follow my links and buy through them I will be only to glad to help you out if you get stuck later on when your builing your site, just drop me a mail.

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