Contrary to what the commentators, pundits and various so called "experts" will have you believe with their infuriating habit of always referring to Manchester United as simply "United" there is more than one United in the UK.
I sometimes wonder if these people have any idea of how much they get up the noses of people who dont happen to support Man Utd when they insist on continuing to use this lazy and inaccurate phrase ?
Anyway, rant over !!
Yes, Manchester United are probably the best known United but there is dozens more, in fact I bet most football fans would be unable to name even those in the Football League, never mind non league !!
We're not going to even attempt that here but just to point out to the afore mentioned experts that the fans of the following teams would really appreciate it if you would stop being so damn ignorant ..... ooops ranting again !!
Alphabetical order so as not to offend anyone unlike the experts ... yeah I know, you get the point !!
Carlisle UNITED
Colchester UNITED
Hartlepool UNITED
Hereford UNITED
Newcastle UNITED,
Peterborough UNITED
Rotherham UNITED
Scunthorpe UNITED
Sheffield UNITED
Southend UNITED
And that little lot is just off the top of my head and its before we even mention FC UNITED of Manchester !!
Anyway, just because they are all called UNITED doesnt necessarily mean thats their "official" nickname, although Im guessing the majority of them have been known as such to their fans over the years.
Most of them do have other non UNITED nicknames, to find out what they are and how they came about them just go to the relevant team page for an explanation.

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