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Please note therefore that the use of any trademarks in the domain name, page titles, page contents and item descriptions are purely for descriptive purposes and do NOT imply or infer we have any connection to or are in any way affiliated to any such trademark owner and as such does not infringe trademark laws and directives.
However the site does contain links to external sites (Ebay, Amazon etc) where products can be purchased, as these sites are out of our control we can not be held responsible for any subsequent trademark infringements which may take place on these sites.
As a footnote to above we have no control over the content of listings shown on our site through the use of Ebays listing provider software, however if we are made aware of any trademark or intellectual property violations shown on these listings we will immediately remove them from our site.

We are aware that Ebay has a very strict Vero policy so we are assuming that products advertised through their links have at some point been licenced and/or released commercially by, or with the consent of, the trademark holder and as such the trademark can be legally used in the descriptive manner on Ebay to facilitate a sale under the exhaustion of trademark rights as set out Article 7 of the Trade Mark Directive 89/104/EEC. 

In summary, Trademark Laws and Directives are centred around intent and providing the use of said trademarks is not intended to decieve or mislead then no infringement can be said to have occurred. As this site is purely intended as an informational resource and product guide it therefore complies with all applicable directives. 
Furthermore, all information contained in this website is freely available in the public domain and as such can be legally reproduced, in addition any views expressed are purely our own and do not in any way reflect the clubs own views.
If further clarification is required please email us using the "Contact Us" form. 

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